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Stories of Giving

We can talk a long time about what "biblical stewardship" means, or the satisfaction of being an obedient Christian.  We can provide you with resources and guides for planning. Perhaps the best way to understand this is by listening to people who have discovered this personally.

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Where is Your Finish Line?

Alan Barnhart

Armed with the conviction that it is more fun to be a giver than a consumer, Alan Barnhart established a financial finish line in his personal life, not seeking to be rich, but to avoid being rich. In a message that may cause you to rethink everything you know about business, discover how this generous giver gave 99 percent of his company away, while still holding on to control so that the company could be used as a tool of the Kingdom for years to come.

I Ceded Legal Ownership of My Company to God, and Never Looked Back

Stanley Tam

Four thriving companies bespeak Stanley Tam's business success, yet his prosperity is the result of a long and sometimes twisting journey of faith. Starting his company in the 1930's, he was at one point nearly bankrupt. Nevertheless, he submitted his business to God with such commitment that he hired an attorney to cede legal ownership of his company to Christ. Stanley now gives millions each year to causes of the Great Commission, secure in his faith that God calls us first, and only after we act obediently does He supply us with the means to fulfill the calling.

Creating Meaningful Legacy

Don and Doris Meyer

What is your family legacy? Don and Doris Meyer's journey of generosity has led them to create legacy by thoughtfully and intentionally passing on the joy of giving to their children. God has used the Meyer's faithfulness to impact not only their family but their business, as they live out their belief that by God's grace they have the power to bring a little bit of heaven here to others on earth.

God Always Shows Up

Kevin and Nicole Youngblood

For Kevin and Nicole Youngblood, giving never feels like just another item to check off a "to-do" list. As they listen to God and trust Him both to show up and to provide when He prompts their hearts to give, they recognize that their obedience has put them in a position to make a meaningful difference in the Kingdom. Their experience is exciting and their enthusiasm infectious as they share how their adventure in generosity is changing their lives (and the world around them) forever.

Confessions of a Reluctant Giver

Martha Cimmarrusti

Newlywed Martha Cimmarrusti and her husband, along with 12 friends, were on an adventure journey of 100 miles a day, biking across country. But the trip took an unexpected turn when they experienced firsthand one woman's Christ-like generosity. As so often happens in acts of giving, the munificence the couple witnessed started them on their own amazing life journey of generosity.

Generosity: "Can Less Be More?"

Tiffani Duncan

Tiffani Duncan describes her journey of generosity in terms of joy and more joy, until the day, as Tiffani explains, when the rubber met the road. Already living a generous life, Tiffani and her husband found God leading them to step out in unexpected ways, leaving her to question, "... are these just words or am I really going to live my life this way?" Learn how understanding the message of ‘God's Economy' allowed this generous giver to draw closer to God than ever before.

My Journey of Faith: A Work in Progress

Judy Sweeney

Judy Sweeney and her husband, Dennis, had moved from tithing to what many would call truly generous giving. But giving felt too ‘comfortable' for the Orange County California couple when they realized no sacrifice was involved. Were they allowing God to use everything He had given them-wealth, income, home, gifts, and talents? Or were they giving Him a percentage and limiting His access to the rest? Judy Sweeney shares her surprise in discovering what God was really calling them to do.

The Ten Second Decision to Change Your Life

Leighton Cusack

Following the 10 Second Rule, young giver Leighton Cusack boldly did "the next thing Jesus wanted him to do". Developing his high school senior project on the topic of generosity, Leighton gave twenty dollar bills to fellow students, with only the stipulation that the money be used for acts of generosity. As he saw his efforts multiplied, twenty dollars at a time, Leighton began to understand that no gift is too small and no act of obedience too insignificant for God to use it in life-transforming ways.