Our Services Promos

Services for Organizations, Churches and Ministries

The Foundation provides prudent, socially-screened investment services to entities (organizations and ministries) of the Southern Baptist Convention. This includes full-service management of endowments, “foundations” andother investment instruments featuring complete tax accounting services. We provide maximum returns in ways consistent with our spiritual mandate.

For churches and other ministries, we offer full investment management service and the following outreach:

  • Seminars on biblical stewardship, and estate or financial planning.
  • Management of trusts, endowments, donor advised funds, scholarships, gift annuities and estates directed to Baptist and other Kingdom causes. This includes management of revocable trusts during a person’s lifetime which feature ministry beneficiaries.
  • Investment choices and strategies for churches, ministries and individuals.
  • Consulting churches and ministries in areas related to stewardship and strategic planning.