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Our History

Throughout the early history of Southern Baptists, gifts in trust to benefit Convention causes were administered by the Convention treasurer. Following years of study, the recommendation was made in 1927 to establish a Southern Baptist Foundation. It was not until February 21, 1947, that a charter was granted in the State of Tennessee following Convention action the year before.

Since the 1940’s, Southern Baptists have looked to the Foundation for trustworthy counsel in charitable giving. We strive to achieve the highest standard of business “best practices”, knowledgeable in all aspects of financial planning including tax legislation, and resourceful in maximizing your investments.

We are committed to integrity so as to inspire your complete trust and confidence. Ours is a sacred trust. We endeavor to support you in discerning God’s leading in the use of the resources He has entrusted to you, and skillfully offer relevant counsel to achieve the most significant Kingdom impact. We attempt to accomplish all this for the lowest level of fees.

Most of the funds placed in the Foundations by individuals are done so to achieve specific ministry intent. Accurate records are kept so that every gift maintains its integrity and, at any time, a donor can confirm their desired intentions are being honored.

Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. We obtain an annual audit from an independent third party. Our board appoints an audit committee, none of whom are staff members, to review the annual audit, meet with the auditors and report its findings to the Board. Copies of this audit are available upon request.

The Foundation maintains careful screening of invested funds to ensure they are only associated with “socially acceptable” investments which are consistent with our spiritual mandate.

The affairs of the Foundation were managed by a Board of Directors elected by the convention upon recommendation of the Committee on Nominations. In The Covenant for a New Century, approved by messengers in 1997, the Foundation became a subsidiary corporation of the Executive Committee with trustees elected by the Executive Committee. The new trustees' first action was to approve and affirm all policies then in existence to ensure continuity.