Ways to Give Promos

Guide to Giving

You are still reading...which is a good sign.  For some reason, we often struggle to find ways to comfortably discuss giving and stewardship.

Our heart would be to include stewardship in the same conversation with any other area of obedience, in fact within any other discussion of worship.  We trust that you find the contents of this website consistent to Holy Scripture as well as reflective of the highest level of professional precision.

This section will describe "Current Gifts"- possibly in categories and methods you have never considered.

We will also examine "Planned Gifts" which includes, but is not limited to, planning your estate.  Certain planned gift instruments can provide tremendous benefits during your lifetime - particularly when they are tied to something we like to do anyway...to give. 

There are two compelling motives to give consideration to Planned Giving.  First, many believers who have tithed their entire lives don't know they can tithe in their will - thereby supporting their church and other ministry causes they care about. 

Secondly, specific Planned Gifts can help you take advantage of United States tax  code - directing funds in gifts and thereby potentially reducing significant estate taxes.

To that end, we trust you find this section helpful.