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Greatest Legacy

The greatest act of stewardship you can ever make is entrusting your life to Jesus Christ.  Following that, the greatest legacy you can leave is passing on Your Legacy Story to those who follow you. 

Let's start at the beginning: if you have not trusted Jesus as your Savior please select the "Plan of Salvation."

If you are still reading, I trust that you are a Christian.  The Bible tells us that God owns everything, and He has entrusted us to be stewards or caretakers of those gifts and assets. 

This site includes information on how to make the most of financial assets He has entrusted to you.  This includes caring for yourself, your family, your church and other ministry causes.

This site also includes a downloadable booklet called "My Legacy Story" which provides a way for you to record the story of God's grace in your life.  I strongly encourage you to consider this. It is a great way to pass along your values and the way those values were developed in your life...

for those who follow behind you...

preserved in a format they will treasure long after you are gone.

If you would like to review that booklet now, click go to.