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The Southern Baptist Foundation was established in 1947 to provide a wide range of investment and estate planning services for Southern Baptist Convention entities, institutions and individuals while supporting the Convention in its objective of spreading the gospel.

While we are independent from the causes we serve, the Foundation is committed to assisting individuals and ministries in discerning God’s Purposes for the resources He has entrusted to them, and maximizing the impact of the resources in estate and financial planning.

The Southern Baptist Foundation serves individuals who express a desire to provide perpetual support for denominational causes through a out-right gift, trust, will, deed, gift annuity or donor advised fund. A full range of estate planning services is offered to assist Baptists in making gifts to denominational causes either during one's lifetime or by will.

The Foundation strives to assist individuals in fulfilling their stewardship commitments and provides a dependable and prudent investment service to the entities and institutions of the Southern Baptist Convention. With the highest ideals of Christian stewardship, the Foundation seeks to provide the maximum return consistent with security of capital.